What do the new Wilson Infinite putters better than ever?

By: April 3, 2024

I have a confession to make. Three years ago, some friends suggested using the Wilson Infinite Bucktown putter (see below) because they thought it would be a great fit for my game. Well, I have to say that they were absolutely right!

Although I’m still not quite at a tour level, I’ve seen significant improvements since I started using it. It’s amazing what a difference the right equipment can make, right?

I discovered two significant innovations in the current Wilson Infinite putters that I will share below the picture.

My Wilson Infinite Bucktown putter from 2022
My Wilson Infinite Bucktown putter

Wilson Infinite putters ($129.99 USD) come with

  • Double-Milled Face: Wilson’s double-milled face pattern ensures a consistent feel, roll, and distance control, no matter the strike location. It really works for me!
  • NEW: Focus Activation Parallel Alignment Lines: A thick middle line with two thinner support lines to either side optimizes focus, allowing the golfer to get dialed in on every single putt.
  • NEW: PVD Anti-Glare Finish: Two-tone PVD anti-glare finish reduces distraction, allowing the player to focus solely on the golf ball as it falls into the hole.
Wilson Infinite putters Bucktown 2024

Bob Thurman, Global General Manager of Golf and Vice President of Research & Development at Wilson says

“The new Wilson Infinite range serves the needs of golfers who struggle with alignment.”

9 different models extend across various styles of mallet and blade offerings, providing a wide selection to any player preference and continue the naming tradition of landmarks and neighborhoods in the brand’s home city of Chicago, Illinois.

The new offerings — Windy City, Michigan Ave, Grant Park, West Loop, The L, South Side, The Bean, Bucktown, and Buckingham — all feature a modern look and stroke-enhancing performance benefits.

The new Wilson Infinite putters are offered in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths.

Wilson Infinite putter family 2024 full