How can Peter Finch help OGIO as Golf Brand Ambassador?

By: January 12, 2023

More and more brands understand that they need to move more budget to influencer marketing as a more effective and accessible means of communication with consumers.

It can also be a highly effective way to attract and connect with an audience authentically, particularly in the current economic environment (see inflation). Hence the partnership with niche and micro-influencers is gaining momentum.

As advertisers adopt a content-first approach, creator audience sizes will become less significant.

What is more important is the engagement with the influencer’s community and most of all the ability to change purchasing behavior and motivate purchasing products/services.

Peter Finch OGIO influencer marketing cooperation
Peter Finch & OGIO – influencer marketing cooperation

Influencer marketing – Affiliate Marketing – Social Commerce – opportunities

At the very same time, we should not forget or ignore that influencer marketing is NOT JUST top-of-funnel activity (=building awareness) but also an opportunity for conversion. To generate interest and desire micro and nano influencers have a very important role.

It’s not a side benefit either micro-influencer can convert a larger percentage of their following into customers. I dare to say micro and nano influencers are inexpensive in comparison to mega influencers and celebrities. 

I still see many brands that are still focusing on the top part of the sales funnel and not utilizing enough social commerce opportunities.

Influencers can be great assets for brands’ affiliate marketing programs. The line between affiliates and influencers is becoming increasingly blurred as influencer platforms integrate with eCommerce

Statista predicts that in 2023 sales via social media platforms across the world will add up to $1.298 billion. Its popularity is showing no signs of dying down and further predictions anticipate that it will reach nearly $3 trillion by 2026.

My recommendation

When you are developing your golf club’s or golf brand’s (e.g. OGIO) influencer marketing think of long-term influencer partnerships instead of campaign-based/one-off cooperation. This is how you will understand your customers better and build lasting relationships.

OGIO selects Peter Finch as Global Golf Brand Ambassador

OGIO has signed one of the sport’s most popular YouTube and media influencers with Peter Finch joining as an official Global Golf Brand Ambassador.

 In 2022, his channel Peter Finch Golf received more than 16 million views across all new uploads; since being established in 2011 his content has been watched over 134 million times.

As well as amassing a strong audience on YouTube, the Manchester-based PGA Professional boasts almost half a million followers across his other social media platforms, including 225,000 on Instagram, 93,000 on Twitter, and 51,000 on TikTok.

Finch will be a central figure in the marketing and promotion of OGIO golf and travel product in 2023. He will also help promote the launch of the brand’s exciting 2023 range, including

  • their new travel covers and golf bag which are set to be launched on January 21st and February 15th, respectively.

My questions to OGIO

  • What is the composition of your influencer marketing mix? What is the share of macro-micro-nano influencers?
  • How will you measure the performance of this influencer marketing cooperation? What are your KPIs?
  • Did you give him custom URLs & custom codes?
  • How will you measure conversion & revenue generated by Peter Finch’s social channels?
  • What is the share of social commerce of OGIO‘s total revenues?