Can Project 24 By the Golf Trust raise £24,000 in 24 hours of golf?

By: April 4, 2024

Golf offers (too) a wonderful opportunity for people with disabilities to enhance both physical and mental well-being, providing many immediate and lasting health benefits (e.g. higher energy level, enhanced cardiovascular endurance, improved balance and motor skills, etc).

That’s why I thought I’d share the latest initiative of the Golf Trust.

Golf Trust Project24 initiative in Lofoten Links

A Team of passionate golfers and fundraisers are heading to Lofoten Links (Norway) in June to play golf for 24 hours.

Their ambition is to raise enough money to buy at least one Paragolfer, but hopefully with wider support, a few more, and raise awareness of disability in the UK.

Led by Cae Menai-Davis, Founder of the Golf Trust, the Team includes a few well-known names in the world of golf and several individual and corporate supporters of the Golf Trust:

  • Adam Baker, PGA Member and Golf Trust Co-ordinator
  • Cae Menai-Davis
  • Eddy Foggy, Laureus / Sport for Good
  • Geoff Swain, Golfunplugged
  • Glenn Stevens, Hiscox UK
  • Liam Harrison, Golf Mates
  • Luke Barden, Warner Hotels
  • Thomas Morgan, British Gas
Golf Trust Project 24 Lofoten Links

The Teams will play as fourballs at Lofoten Links, starting at Midday on the 20th of June 2024. The Golf Trust is embarking on this remarkable challenge to raise awareness of disability in the UK.

Over 16 million UK residents, which is 24% of the UK’s population, have a disability. A large proportion of people have little or no access to sporting activity, and Cae believes that golf can fill that gap for many.

If you can afford to donate to this initiative, then please do so: