Why is Troon investing in the SKINS golf betting app?

By: July 1, 2024

83% of the 67 million golfers worldwide play popular on-course betting games such as Wolf, Banker, Vegas, Hammer, and the eponymous Skins.

In July 2023, Skins was released on both iOS and Android to make it easy enough to start a round among strangers while waiting to tee off.

It uses GPS to locate nearby players and courses, guides players through wagers and game options, calculates players’ course handicaps, and simplifies score entry and bet accounting for the math-weary. 

Troon Skins golf app resized

This mobile application is trying to solve the most common problems golfers face when teeing off with their friends:

  • What Game are we playing?
  • What are the rules?
  • Who’s keeping track of the game?
  • Where do we stand in the game?
  • Will Chad run to his car again and not settle his bets?
  • Is Brad a 10 handicap when he plays like a 4?

Troon partners with SKINS

As part of this collaboration, SKINS will be designated as a “Preferred Partner of Troon,” significantly boosting the app’s exposure across Troon’s expansive global portfolio of properties and helping to drive SKINS’s core business.

SKINS is already available in key global golf markets, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, and South Africa, in addition to the United States.

The SKINS team views the competitive landscape of golf apps as a validation of the market’s potential. Their focus extends from local competition and leaderboards to the intersection of competitive amateur golf and social media.

SKINS aims to enhance the social experience of golf by enabling golfers to invite others to watch their rounds and share match content.

Ryan Morrison (CEO and Founder of SKINS) views SKINS as an advancement of the scorecard, which became obsolete after the mass adoption of the smartphone.

Through SKINS’ social scorecard, players will now track their game and rank and communicate with each other within the app.