How can HowDidiDo help us make our game better?

By: September 21, 2020

When I first heard of HowDidiDo‘s new digital learning experience service, immediately Golf GameBook Swing Card (powered by the Swing Index) came into my mind.

I tell you soon why.

HowDidiDo is among many other golf outlets which have seen a positive increase in activity following the coronavirus lockdown after the sport’s popularity soared to new heights, with a record number of page views on its website and users of the app increasing by more than 50% in the last 12 months.

Their mobile application recently exceeded 250,000 downloads. The past year has seen the platform grow by 179k to almost 800k users.

HowDidiDo family on all platforms

Coronavirus cases around the world forced the majority of industries to a halt or at least minimize their activities.

The positive effect of coronavirus on eLearning is not a big surprise.

Various online tools and solutions were integrated into the relationship management between golfers and golf clubs.

PGA Pros and golf clubs started to use more actively for instance messenger applications like WhatsApp to remedy social distancing.

The launch of the HowDidiDo Academy

A new feature that is set to go a long way in doing that is the launch of the HowDidiDo Academy, which is hosted by experienced Tour professional Sophie Walker and will provide all members with weekly tutorials. These tips will delve deep into every aspect of a golfer’s game and will offer them insightful guidance for free.

Already proving a hit, the academy has seen 3,000 golfers subscribe in three months on YouTube and will also be available to access through a new blog section on the website.

Sophie Walker LET HowDidiDo

The HowDidiDo system, part of the solution offered to golf clubs by Club Systems International software, holds data from more than 122 million rounds of golf, along with handicaps, results, and scores from nearly a million golf club members.

HowDidiDo Academy vs Golf GameBook Swing Card

If I were HowDidiDo I would focus more on mobile learning. Smartphones have become the default for more people compared to desktops and laptops.

Just to understand the changes of online behavior:

  • 50.44% – mobile internet traffic as a share of total global online traffic.
  • 77% – the mobile share of total digital minutes in the United States in 2019
  • 3h 52 minutes – is the average time spent on mobile in the UK in 2019. TV: cca. 2h 42 minutes.
  • Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey 2019 found “88% – ranking the smartphone as the clear number one connected device.”

Now it is obvious why the Golf GameBook Swing Card service is much more progressive and forward-thinking.

I’m not even talking about that via the Swing Card you can connect with several world-class PGA Pros.

In short, 2020 is the year that mobile learning is expected to be a must-have option for elearning.