Is La Cala Resort Solana Village worth considering for any purpose?

By: December 12, 2022

As much as I like the La Cala Resort‘s golf courses (Cabell B. Robinson design), and Spa & Wellness Center, now I am struggling with how to get excited about the new Solana Village.

I cannot say that the apartments are not elegant in Solana Village but I can say that the interior design is not reflecting the Mediterranean lifestyle and feel. In short the authentic design.

La Cala Resort Solana-Village-Apartments-Living-Room-4

I have to agree with Harvard Business Review which says

“Although brands may be liked or trusted, most fail to align themselves with the emotions that drive their customers’ most profitable behaviors. Fully connected customers are 52% more valuable, on average, than those who are just highly satisfied.”

Genuine design and messaging often touch people’s hearts. They connect customers to a brand/golf resort emotionally.

What is also very important to understand is that you have to provide memorable and meaningful experiences not only on the golf course but also in real estate.

This helps the buyers of the apartments not to regret their decision (see cognitive dissonance) and to come to you as often as possible.

Just for the sake of comparison, if you see the buildings and apartments of Las Colinas Golf & Country Club’s Mandarino or Kumquat Communities then you immediately know that you are in Spain.

Plus, the shapes of the buildings are unique too.

What I like about La Cala Resort‘s Solana Village is beyond the pool (600m2) and gardens, the residents will be able to enjoy an outdoor gazebo and children’s playground to provide the perfect social and family atmosphere.

Solana Village apartments La Cala Resort terrace

La Cala Resort – Solana Village – details

Taylor Wimpey invests over €16 million into the first phase of a new 48-home project ‘Solana Village.’ Located next to the iconic 9th hole of the America course at La Cala Resort, the Solana Village development will host

  • a variety of two and three-bedroom apartments,
  • penthouses, and
  • duplexes,
  • overlooking impressive panoramic views of the golf courses, distant Mediterranean, and Spanish countryside.

The first phase of development for Solana Village will feature two types of housing. The East facing apartments will feature outdoor parking with access to the community pool and neighboring golf course.

The South facing properties will include underground parking and storage room, along with first-line golf course views and additional extras.

Featuring an elegant and functional design, every apartment at Solana Village is flooded with light, and designed with selected high-end materials that incorporate the latest renewable and sustainable energy technologies.

Solana Village apartments La Cala Resort exterior_resized

The apartments at Solana Village will utilize the latest environmentally friendly engineering and design practices.

Aerothermal heat pumps are used to transport energy for the hot water system, while the Photovoltaic panels in the communal areas produce cleaner energy from the absorbed sunlight all-year round.

All individual underground garage space comes prepared with a pre-installation facility to charge any electric vehicles for residents.

Taylor Wimpey Spain & FBD Hotels & Resorts – the partnership

The Solana Village project joins the joint venture development program between Taylor Wimpey Spain and FBD Hotels & Resorts, which began 7 years ago.

This union has already resulted in more than 300 completed homes from a total of seven different projects within the resort. The development of these projects is part of a plan to build 1,000 homes at La Cala Resort over the next decade.