Why is Tenerife attractive to the International Golf Travel Market?

By: October 2, 2015

The International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) will hold its annual event for the tenth time in Tenerife (Canaray Islands). For those who are not familiar with the International Golf Travel Market, it is the world’s premier global event for golf tourism suppliers, buyers and media.

The event will kick off on next Monday (from October 5-8, 2015). The focus will be the emerging golf markets. The organizers are expecting 450 companies to exhibit at the IGTM 2015. Similar to 2014, IGTM is hoping to attract at least 1,450 individuals, representing national and regional golf tourism organisations, leading resorts and golf courses.

Golf Inc.’s analysis of golf investment found really interesting (=highly recommended for investment = AA category) Slovakia (moved from A to AA), Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Croatia, Russia, Turkey, Luxembourg, Malta and Hungary in the second best category of A. Personally I would discourage golf investment in Hungary since the poor performance of the Hungarian economy and the declining purchasing power of the Hungarians. To my surprise Sweden is not among the recommended countries for golf investment.

The R&A found that 42% of European golf investments (new projects) in 2014 were either golf resorts or real estate golf courses. This kind of golf facilities make up only 8% of Europe’s total number of golf courses. As far as I know they were mainly shorter, public golf courses. At the same time, EGCOA‘s (European Golf Course Owners Association) “Vision 2020” predicts a sharp decline in golf participation between 2013-2020: from 4.3 million to 3.5 million golfers. I think we can expect much more in Asia…

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IGTM - Carlos Alonso_President of the Tenerife Government

It seems to me that the Canary Islands is not just a popular place to hold such a prestigious event, but tourists like us are also fond of it. In 2014, more than 110,000 golf tourists from across the world chose The Canary Islands (Source: Canary Island Tourist Board) adding in excess of €171 million (Source: Canary Island Tourist Board) to the local economy.
According to the latest figures from Turespaña, golf accounted for more than 986,000 foreign tourists visiting Spain in 2014. So we can say that every 10th (11%) foreign tourist had been to the Canary Islands in 2015.