Is this how golf tourists’ expectations are changing in 2020?

By: January 6, 2020

I think this is a perfect time to discuss golf tourists‘ expectations in 2020.

So I thought to ask Özlem Pinho (Sales & Marketing Executive, Tee Times Golf Agency) and Telma Santos (Portugal & Spain Golf Holidays Adviser, Tee Times Golf Agency) what do they think of it.

What makes Tee Times Golf Agency attractive as a workplace?

It starts with hiring the right person for the right position. Everyone in the company is experienced, specialist and also passionate about their work.

So we can secure the best service for our clients. Then, invests in its employees, encourages them to grow, learn more and be better.

Open to new ideas, listens and takes into consideration every single opinion. We have the right amount of like-minded work environment, yet we still can enjoy the benefits of having the diversity of the workforce.

We are not stuck in the bureaucracy in the company. Mr. Carlos (Carlos Ferreira is the owner of Tee Times Golf Agency) is always available and has a direct line of communication with each one of us. 

Tee Times Golf Agency is like a big family.

More than anything, it takes care of its employees. You feel that you are valued, supported and encouraged all the time. 

To give the best service to the client is not only a work obligation. It is a personal issue for each one of us. Since we like what we are doing, we do it good. And we have a lot of fun. 🙂

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What is unique in the Tee Time Golf Agency?

We have the advantage of over 25 years of experience and our reputation. It is run by the golfers who are passionate about the game.

It brings a more specialized and educated approach to the business. We are locally present in the best golf destination in the world, the Algarve.

We offer a year-round diversified and personalized service, it can be just one green-fee or a whole package with golf, accommodation, transfers, rent-a-car, golf lessons, tournaments, you name it.

We follow the new trends, we adapt ourselves to the needs of the market. We are present and active in online environments and we still believe the importance of human contact.

So, we keep all our communication channels open with the clients abroad and we still have our offices and desks available with our lovely staff to receive our walk-in clients with a big smile on their faces.

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How golf tourists’ expectations have changed in the last 3-5 years?

I believe the golf traveler gets more demanding every day. They are more informed about their requests and more dedicated to quality/price relation.

They have access to several offers online which naturally creates a competition between service suppliers.

That also naturally brings us to be more creative about added values which is another expectation of the golf tourist. Nowadays, they don’t only want to play golf, they expect to get the maximum of the destination.

They are after the new experiences, get to know the destination besides the golf courses. Natural, cultural and historical attractions are more to be included in the golf packages.

They are more tend to travel and have some quality time with family which makes them look for some activities for non-golfers as well. 

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Do you plan to launch new services or packages in 2020?

We are always increasing our offers in our main destinations Portugal and Spain. We also follow the expectations and the trends in the market so we can create new offers for our clients.

We are launching a new segment of product this year, exclusive for “Ladies”. Golf packages with extra services focused on lady golfers.

Also, we have started to create more packages with different experiences for our clients who are looking for the best golf and more.

We have some packages where we combine delicately the golf with, culinary experience, wine tastings, cultural guided tours, and more.

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Do you see any business potential in bleisure?

I do actually. Golf is the sport that combines very well with both. Obviously, it is a passion for some advanced golfers.

However, golf clinics and lessons are still a very enjoyable experience for beginners or non-golfers.

It is a great alternative to team-building activities and incentive tours for companies. 

Co-creation of golf holiday experience with golf tourists. Is it realistic?

I think as in every segment of tourism, in golf tourism as well, co-creation comes naturally. Our job is delivering the experience. It is not a product that we can pre-produce.

We can create the sample itineraries or different packages with several services or just one service like a green fee but the real product that the client pays for is their own experience during their holidays or at the golf course. 

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Where are the places & experiences that golf tourists often miss in Portugal?

We can say that the entire coastline of Algarve is not to miss. All the natural beauties, historical places, daily life in small villages worth to see. 

Also, the North of Portugal, around Porto is perfect for getaways and to have an authentic urban experience combined with culture.

Lisbon city, North of Lisbon with beautiful villages or South coastline of Lisbon with amazing beaches. Madeira and Azores Islands are very interesting options with their unique natural beauties. 

We have a spectacular cuisine and amazing wine that everyone visits Portugal should try.

This interview is brought to you by Tee Times Golf Agency.