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TROIA Resort in Golf World list

What is the ROI of being ranked in Golf World’s list?

By: 2017. 09. 22.

How shall I say it? An old habit of golf club managers and marketing/PR managers to think about being ranked on the list of leading golf magazines (in this case Golf World) will help them to promote their…

Prince's Golf Club renovation works in 2017

How should Prince’s Golf Club’s Himalayas course be renewed?

By: 2017. 08. 18.

The Prince's Golf Club is continuing to invest in its golf courses. In 2009, the European Golf Design was requested to help remodel and introduce some new bunkers. This time, the Prince's Golf Club has announced an extensive and ambitious plan…

Howard Craft Burhill Golf & Leisure

Learn 7 ideas from Burhill Golf & Leisure about sustainability!

By: 2017. 07. 13.

Last month, I had the chance to report about 5 Burhill Golf & Leisure venues who were recertified by the Golf Environment Organization (GEO). Recently, I made an interview with Howard Craft, the general manager of  Wycombe Heights Golf…

Burhill Golf GEO Certified golf courses

What can Burhill Golf gain from sustainable golf courses?

By: 2017. 06. 20.

Burhill Golf and Leisure Ltd (BGL) has recently had five venues recertified by the Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) with the remaining five to follow as a result of continued, progressive works carried out across the operator’s 22 golf…

PGA Catalunya Resort David_Bataller

Impressive superintendent career at PGA Catalunya Resort

By: 2017. 02. 09.

PGA Catalunya Resort has appointed David Bataller as its new Director of Golf Operations. This could be a regular career news, but I think it is worth to understand what kind of achievement is this for both sides. David…

Will the Qatar International Golf Club save the nature?

By: 2016. 05. 17.

In last November turned out that a new golf club, the Qatar International Golf Club will be built in the heart of Qatar’s Education City in Doha. The Qatar International Golf Club will have an 18-hole championship golf course,…

How to achieve sustainability with limited cash flow?

By: Jonathan Smith 2016. 04. 27.

Jonathan Smith is the Chief Executive of GEO (The Golf Environment Organization) the not-for-profit organization dedicated to working with the golf industry to drive sustainability in and through the sport. Jonathan has worked in the golf industry for…

How Carnoustie Golf Links saved its bumblebees?

By: 2016. 02. 14.

Carnoustie Golf Links is a real environment conscious golf club. 2 years ago, they became the 2nd Open Championship venue to be GEO Certified. Most recently, the golf club has been awarded a major national accolade for its work in…

What are the challenges of organic golf courses?

By: 2016. 02. 02.

Did you know that the first organic golf course has been opened at the Kobaldhof (Austria) in 2007? The Austrian golf course is maintained exclusively according to the strict criteria of organic farming. From a sustainability point of view, organic golf courses…