Troon wins on the 2018 BoardRoom Awards almost routinely

By: January 23, 2019

The 2018 BoardRoom Awards was the 5th year in Troon’s life when they win this prestigious awards.

Troon was named “Management Company of the Year” for 2018 by BoardRoom Magazine in the publication’s 20th annual “Excellence in Achievement” awards

What makes this achievement really impressive is that the BoardRoom Awards are the only awards in the private club industry that recognize private clubs’ business partners.

2018 BoardRoom Awards

In addition, CADDIEMASTER®, a division of Troon, was awarded “Caddie Company of the Year.”

Caddiemaster is managing over 2,000 caddies and 100+ managers in 19 states and three countries.

Actually, Caddiemaster is not the only caddie service of Troon. The Troon North Golf Club is offering to its guests the option of a Forecaddie or a Single-Bag Caddie or choose to play without a caddie since 2016.

Is the 2018 BoardRoom Awards an actionable CX measure?

I prefer those awards, recognition, and social proofs that can drive measurable behavior, conversions, revenue, loyalty, and advocacy for our golf resort/club both as a service provider and a business partner.

What is the ‘social customer value‘ of the 2018 BoardRoom Awards?

Will guests and potential members select a Troon-managed golf club when they see this award on the golf club’s website?

Another important aspect is how such award like the 2018 BoardRoom Awards will affect supplier experience?

At the same time, it can boost employee engagement since it is a feedback for the employees that their work is valuable and meaningful.  

I would create content for the employees to share this good news among their peers.

What is sure that it is an excellent PR opportunity for Troon or anybody who would like to stand out from the crowd.

Do you know how does BoardRoom Magazine select the winners in each and every category? Who are in the jury of the award? These are covered in gloom.

smile-face-customer - 2018 BoardRoom Awards

Since we are living and operating in the experience economy, we should be customer committed.

Let’s bear in mind that our customers’ expectations will continuously rise. Our guests and members will not make any compromise in this field.

This means we should care much more what our customers are saying and sharing about their experience in our golf clubs.

I will not go to a golf club or a resort just because they won several important accolades, but rather what my friends and those opinion leaders are saying who I, personally highly regard.

Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer Global Report found that people tend to trust the most:

  • technical expert,
  • academic expert,
  • a person like yourself‘.

Never forget that you are facing empowered customers who can check everything easily you claim and say about your business!

To be able to make a customer experience measure actionable we have to do the followings:

  • Evaluate the metric within the context of the customer journey;
  • Understand the underlying customer behavior or sentiment driving the score;
  • Determine the ‘why’ behind the score.
  • Use customer journey analytics to make NPS and other customer experience metrics actionable by discovering high-impact customer journeys.
  • Link customer experience metrics to organizational KPIs.