How will Muscat Resorts be reborn with the help of Troon in 2023?

By: June 21, 2022

Soon we can experience how the new owner – Ominvest, the oldest and largest investment company in Oman – transformed Muscat Resorts (formerly Muscat Hills).

Muscat Hills previously opened in 2009 and closed in 2020, is the first fully grassed 18-hole golf course in the Sultanate of Oman. Paul Thomas from David Thomas Associated Ltd designed the course to complement all of the natural features.

Muscat Resorts

Now under the ownership of Ominvest, the oldest and largest investment company in Oman, and with Troon Golf, the facility will be reopened in 2023 to provide one of the best golf experiences in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Spearheading the reopening of Muscat Resorts is Operations Manager Freddie Rexstrew, who has nine years of operational experience, the majority of which have been in the Middle East.

Rexstrew began his Troon career in the UAE across a range of golf operations roles, including Abu Dhabi’s scenic Saadiyat Beach Golf Club as well as Abu Dhabi Golf Club, previously home to 15 editions of the European Tour.

Rexstrew will oversee the reopening of the facility as well as leading the team once the facility is fully operational. Rexstrew will work alongside Francisco Blázquez Pacheco; the club’s official re-opening Superintendent, to ensure all playing surfaces are up to Troon standards for its formal opening.

Both Freddie and Francisco have previous experience with pre-opening facilities, Freddie at Royal Greens, Saudi Arabia, and Francisco at Jebel Sifah, Oman.

Freddie Rexstrew Muscat Resorts Operations Manager

Muscat Resorts is looking to offer an unrivaled golf experience in Oman and complement the existing golf to drive golf tourism to the Sultanate of Oman.

It will be the first facility in Oman to have a Toptracer Range, this technology combined with a short course, which falls in line with the club’s mission of being a family-friendly environment where there will be a key focus on growing the game but also creating an atmosphere where families can enjoy the resort together.

My comments on Muscat Resorts

Oman had 869,000 tourists in 2020, ranking 108th in the world in absolute terms. The Oman Ministry of Tourism’s 2040 Tourism Strategy is focused on creating unique tourism experiences in different areas of Oman.

Salalah is becoming an increasingly popular destination and the opening of the brand new airport in Salalah is playing an important role in tourism development in this region. The owner of Muscat Resorts is involved in this development project.

However, Salalah is 10 hours car drive from Muscat Resorts. The nearest golf club – 35 minutes drive by car – to the resort is Jebel Sifah.

The current offer is not enough to attract golf tourists and golf will be just one of the options and not the main attraction of Muscat Resorts and Oman.

This impression is supported by the 9-hole golf course in Jebel Sifah. Along with this, it can be an interesting experience to spend a few days in Muscat Resorts….especially if you like diving.