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By: March 13, 2023

We might assume that high-end golf resorts like the La Cala Resort (a 4-star golf resort in Spain) would adopt sooner the latest interior design trends in the hospitality industry. What is this about?

Here I would highlight 3 important trends:

  • Sustainability (see Costa Navarino‘s best practice): Golfers (too!) are taking sustainability credentials into consideration when booking golf holidays and/or buying real estate in a golf resort. Not investing in sustainability is a business risk!! Golf clubs and resorts should consider buying food, drink, etc. from local businesses (as much as possible). It can help to boost the local economy too. We should always assess what products, and materials we can keep, uplift, reuse, or recycle. The American Medinah Country Club has got an organic garden since 2017. Just as an example.
  • Proximity to nature: We enjoy a lot the peace and calm that comes from nature-inspired tones can play a large part in guests’ emotional connection with a space. Therefore, it matters what kind of plants, flowers, and materials we select to make our clubhouse cozy.
  • Plant-based foods: we have to embrace the change that people do care about the environmental impact of animal agriculture.
La Cala Resort clubhouse interior with greens

Now let’s see why I thought it important to highlight the above-mentioned trends! The La Cala Resort has completed the renovation of the outdoor patio area of the La Cala Clubhouse in 2022.

Accompanying the extended outdoor terrace area, renovations, and improvements have been made to the interior of the Clubhouse. The updated look provides a refreshed and modern feel.

The La Cala Resort guests will find a new and improved clubhouse menu too. I have not found any vegan or vegetarian meals. If I were the chef I would highlight the origin of the food to ensure the ingredients are local.

The good news is that you can get gluten-free meals too. They also provide a list of food allergens.

What I really appreciate is the idea of bringing even more light to the entire room. This was achieved by using sliding doors. Thanks to this, we will be able to enjoy the landscape better of the resort.

La Cala Resort Burratta

The brand-new clubhouse menu offers guests a traditional Spanish-themed menu complete with more elaborate and unique La Cala Resort dishes.

As part of this updated menu, Head Chef Brian Deegan includes a signature dish, ‘The Irish Angus Steak Sandwich.’ With gruyere cheese, watercress, cos leaves and a horseradish and sour cream dressing, the mouth-watering steak sandwich brings an Irish feel to the local Spanish-style menu.

It’s a subtle nod to La Cala Resort’s Irish owners, FBD Hotels and Resorts. In a room next to the bar and restaurant, the renovated La Cala Clubhouse will also include a sports-style lounge area filled with TVs and comfy seating.

This offers guests the perfect location to relax while watching a variety of the latest live sporting events on show.

La Cala Resort clubhouse interior tables

La Cala Resort – latest professional achievements

In recent weeks, the IAGTO golf tour operators voted for a 2nd straight year that La Cala Resort is one of the resorts that deliver ‘the best experience and service for their golf traveling clients.’

La Cala Resort was awarded the 2023 IAGTO Outstanding Service Award, a title that only 8 other resorts in Spain received in this year’s awards.

The industry-leading Golf World Top 100 Rankings rated La Cala Resort as the 73rd-best golf resort in the world in their Top 100 World Resorts list.

La Cala Resort – Conclusion

I believe La Cala Resort could have invested more in sustainability to impress golf tourists and homeowners in its resort. At the same time, they chose very good colors to radiate calmness to us.

Today, so many people are suffering from various food allergies. We must bear in mind their diet too.