How does Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort interpret the concept of a luxury golf resort?

By: June 21, 2023

The concept of luxury has taken on a new meaning since the latest pandemic. That’s why I’m curious how the concept of a luxury golf resort is interpreted at Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort.

I interviewed Augusto Orsini, the owner of Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort, to share his views and opinion on how the concept of luxury golf resorts has changed in the last couple of years.

Many luxury golf resorts are focusing increasingly on sustainability. I am pleased about this trend because environmental responsibility has been at the heart of Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort since it opened in 2008.

We introduced 300.000 new plants when we built the Resort on what was formerly abandoned and arid land, and right away, we started maintaining our golf course (which opened in 2006) with natural products, receiving the BioAgricert environmental certification for sustainability and water management.

Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort 18th Hole

Other trends are that luxury golf resorts are expanding beyond traditional golf offerings to cater to wellness-oriented travelers, providing top-notch fitness facilities and healthy dining options, and they are promoting themselves as desirable event destinations for weddings and corporate meetings.

How do affluent golfers define/perceive ‘value’?

Based on our experience, golfers value sustainability and any efforts to preserve natural habitats and conserve water.

Tied to this concept is that of organic food: our guests love the experience of tasting our extra virgin olive oil made from the olives harvested on our eco-friendly golf course and eating fresh veggies and fruits from our Resort’s organic vegetable garden.

Being part of a prestigious brand is also highly valued. For example, golfers look forward to playing on our course because we are the PGA National Italy, i.e., the only PGA-branded Resort in our country.

Also, we recently became the first 5-star Resort in Italy and one of the few Golf Resorts in Europe to be part of the golf portfolio of Marriott International (Autograph Collection). This certainly also adds to the value and intrigue perceived by golfers.

Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort 3rd Hole

Wealthy golfers also appreciate well-designed courses that offer challenging and unique layouts in breathtaking natural settings and a sense of seclusion so that they can enjoy their game without overcrowding or disruption. Exceptional and hospitable service also plays a crucial role in the perceived value.

Finally, I would say that affluent golfers appreciate personalized experiences tailored to their preferences. Examples could be bespoke golf packages that include wine tastings or wellness treatments, private lessons with renowned instructors, and customized concierge services.

What is the percentage of golf holiday bookings made online at Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort? Who generates the most golf holiday bookings for you?

About 35% of our golf holiday bookings are made online, mainly on our official website. Most golfers prefer to contact us via telephone or email to request personalization and end up booking directly via our Reservations office.

We also get many bookings from golf tour operators and travel agencies, especially from the UK, France, and Switzerland.

Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort Club-House

How much personalization should luxury golf resorts offer in their services?

Personalization is essential for offering a luxurious and exclusive experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Must-haves include customized golf packages and personalized on-site dining options for food intolerance.

Luxury golf resorts should also consider offering curated itineraries and experiences beyond golf to differentiate themselves further.

For example, our guests can

  • rent premium Pirelli e-bikes to comfortably explore the wild territory that surrounds us, including the WWF Oasis of Orbetello Lagoon;
  • or they can choose from wine-tasting experiences in handpicked wineries or art tours in beautiful cities like Rome and Florence.

The ability to create extraordinary memories certainly adds value to their overall golfing experience!

Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort Espace Wellness Center Technogym equipment

Would you expand your offerings into lifestyle offerings? E.g., Ralph Lauren opened Ralph’s Coffees; Louis Vuitton opened The Hall.

In 2019 we launched Argentario Golf Villas, our real estate project with sustainable villas that boast ground-breaking designs and views of the lagoon, sea, and golf course.

Home buyers can customize their villa built from scratch, choosing from layouts and design styles curated by Milan-based interior designer Andrea Fogli. As owners, they become part of an exclusive community.

The benefits of ownership include property management to maximize return on investment, personal concierge, and membership at Argentario Golf Club (PGA National Italy) and Espace Wellness Center – among other things.