How could The Falls Club really revive?

By: December 3, 2015

The Falls Club has undergone recently a couple of changes, among them a name change (from The Falls Country Club to The Falls Club), new branding, along with renovations and upgrades to the golf course and clubhouse. Part of this rejuvenation Troon has been selected to manage The Falls Club.

I would say, that The Falls Club is a typical Palm Beach lifestyle golf club with a non-residential private club. The par-72 golf course was designed by Joe Lee in 1985.

These are the main changes in the golf course:

  • several modified fairway bunkers,
  • restored dimensions of the course’s lake systems,
  • improved fairway conditions.
  • Six new forward ladies’ tees,
  • the course will offer a more manageable option for all.

The Falls Club should find appropriate answers to these golf club business challenges

  • It is doubtful that the current range of services (customer service is a key business challenge) is enough to convince golfers either to become and/or remain a member. –> The current services sound generic and no sign of social and mobile technology utilization to foster personalization (avoid mass offers), collaboration and conversation management (see real-time, easily accessible communication: e.g.
  • How the golf club management is helping golf club members to maximize their limited free time. So the golf club member or prospect will not say, I don’t have enough time.
  • How does The Falls Club embrace family-centric and multi-generation attitude/approach?
  • What can they offer for multi-generation vacations?
  • What can The Falls Club offer to Millennials to join the club??
  • How can Net Promoter Score help to improve customer experience?

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