The VIYA rewards app by Dubai Golf has a worldwide reach now.

By: June 27, 2023

I see that the recent pandemic has had an impact on loyalty programs in the golf tourism industry too. I see the change in that from now we should focus on ensuring that our golf tourists get real value in exchange for their loyalty.

In other words, perceived value for golf travelers (too) is critical to creating profitable loyalty programs. The cash-back rewards method continues to maintain its popularity since it’s an easy and quick way to get tangible value for customers and businesses.

Nielsen says 84% of consumers say they’re more apt to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program. 

This is supported by Accenture‘s research, according to which travelers have 3 main expectations:

  • The power of NOW. Don’t make me wait for the rewards I want.
  • Tried & true experiences. Prove to me that I can always rely on you.
  • Flexibility in my way: Show that you know me, but give me choices.

I would emphasize that flexibility is one of the main customer loyalty trends in 2023.

I will now show and explain the features of the VIYA lifestyle rewards app from Dubai Golf, as well as highlight its recent service expansions.

Dubai Golf VIYA cashback loyalty app Emirates Golf Club

Dubai Golf – VIYA lifestyle rewards app becomes global

Dubai Golf has officially rolled out VIYA – 120,000+ users – to international audiences. VIYA allows customers in the UAE and worldwide to book world-class golf, dining, experiences, spas, and more at venues in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

VIYA is a one-stop shop for those in and visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The platform offers golf bookings and seasonal promotions at Dubai Golf’s world-class golf venues:

  • Emirates Golf Club,
  • Jumeirah Golf Estates,
  • Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club,
  • Yas Links,
  • Yas Acres,
  • Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, and
  • Topgolf Dubai – in addition to numerous other venues in the region.
Dubai Golf VIYA cashback lifestyle rewards app Home Page Offers

In addition, the platform contains a variety of dining offerings at a plethora of restaurants and all the pro shops located at each of the Dubai Golf clubs.

It can also be used to book spa days, treatments, and individual or recurring fitness experiences.

Dubai Golf‘s VIYA has been designed to reward customer loyalty by offering 1 UAE Dirham (local currency) back for every 10 UAE Dirhams spent at a Dubai Golf venue and every other venue on the app – a 10% rewards program.

Whether in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, rewards earned on the platform can be redeemed at any other VIYA venue – including all restaurants, golf courses, pro shops, spas, gyms, beaches, and at Topgolf.

Dubai Golf VIYA cashback lifestyle rewards app_Dining

VIYA has evolved from its original form as a golf bookings app for members of Dubai Golf clubs to a fully servicing booking portal for activities and experiences throughout the region.

It also now includes a variety of partners from outside the Dubai Golf business to enhance the user experience further and create a broader offering for customers.