Will the Dubai Golf-operated clubs succeed in employee advocacy?

By: April 10, 2024

Let’s start with the great news and start this day positively! All three Dubai Golf-operated golf clubs in Dubai, Emirates Golf Club, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, have been recognized with Gold Flag Destination status at the 59club Middle East & Africa Service Excellence awards.

Marking a landmark evening for Dubai Golf, the team at Jumeirah Golf Estates, led by Director of Golf Franco Botha, also won the award for Golf Operations Team of the Year, while the team at Emirates Golf Club, headed up by Club Manager Dean Nelson, won the award for Ultimate Service Excellence.

Dubai Golf operated golf clubs

These latest accolades for the Dubai Golf group underline a period of unprecedented development and success, including the hosting of three significant DP World Tour events since November 2023:

Employee advocacy matters….a lot!

It is important to recognize that the employees of our golf clubs possess unique strengths, skills, and perspectives.

When utilized together, they can advance your brand, values, and goals (e.g., customer experience enhancement, revenue targets, etc.).

Employee advocacy is a strategic approach enabling organizations – e.g. golf clubs – to leverage their workforce’s potential.

By encouraging employees to actively participate in industry conversations and share company achievements on various social media platforms, businesses can amplify their brand’s voice and broaden its reach.

Through this collaborative effort, employees become brand ambassadors and contribute to the organization’s growth and success.

Dubai Golf Emirates Golf Club - Majlis Course

A recent Hinge Research Institute study found

“A formal employee advocacy program helps shorten the sales cycle. Nearly 64% of advocates in a formal program credited employee advocacy with attracting and developing new business, and nearly 45% attribute new revenue streams to employee advocacy.”

Your teams are your most loyal supporters. They are considered much more authentic and credible than anybody else in an organization, including the club manager.

I won’t tell you a big secret: your communication campaign’s performance and reach will improve greatly with the help of the golf club’s employees.

Another thing you need to know about employee advocacy is that it helps a lot in developing employee engagement.

The bad news is that only a few companies have a formal, comprehensive employee advocacy program.

Dubai Golf Jumeirah Golf Estates - Earth Course 2
Design your employee advocacy program!

Here are practical steps for golf clubs to initiate and implement an employee advocacy program:

  • Define clear and measurable objectives you aim to achieve through employee advocacy.
  • Provide training and compliance plan/guidelines. Train employees on best practices for posting on social media.
  • Leverage technology: Appropriate technology can make efficient content sharing, monitoring engagement, and evaluating its impact on the audience effortless. Use social media listening tools to track customer mentions.

3 recommended KPIs for your golf club employee advocacy program:

  • Amplification rate – how far your content travels via golf club employee shares.
  • Engagement levels – monitor the engagement generated by employee-shared content.
  • Conversion Rates: Connect advocacy efforts to tangible results by measuring conversion rates. 

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