Gleneagles Hotel continues with Club Car

By: May 15, 2015

Club Car can be relaxed for another two years as they signed a new contract with Gleneagles Hotel (Scotland) until 2017.

Club Car not simply extended an existing, longstanding cooperation with Gleneagles Hotel, but also to received an order to update the resort's existing fleet of golf cars, taking delivery of 40 new Club Car Precedent vehicles, supplied and serviced by Club Car distributor, MTS Group, which recently opened a new Scotland-based facility in Cumbernauld – just 30 miles from Gleneagles Hotel.

Club Car - Gleneagles

The fleet will feature the latest Visage GPS technology, giving golfers precise shot and distance information, flyover video graphics, plus a live leaderboard during competitions. It will also enable Gleneagles’ staff to remotely control each car, optimise course maintenance with ‘no-drive’ zones and monitor pace-of-play.
Club Car's Visage GPS technology solution would be better if it could offer personalization. Namely, the golf would be able to customize the golf club's service (tee time, F&B, golf equipment). At this moment it is not clear to me whether system is able to facilitate two-way communications or not…