What are the 2 major benefits of the new Shot Scope V3 watch?

By: July 13, 2020

The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2020 study found the wearable technology has been estimated to be about a $95 billion industry. Wearable technology is also the #1 worldwide fitness trends.

In 2018, wearable technology was ranked as the #3 on the TOP 20 Fitness Trends list.

Shot Scope V3 watch in blue

I thought I would share this because Shot Scope has just presented its all-new high-performance Shot Scope V3 watch.

Shot Scope’s most innovative watch combines patented automatic performance tracking with ultra-accurate GPS technology in a perfectly sized package.

The V3 boasts a new daylight readable color screen as well as ClubSense (is available in Shot Scope V2 too) and PinCollect technologies (provides a more precise approach, short game (Scrambling) and putting statistics) that automatically detect shots and putts on the course.

Shot Scope V3 watch in 4 colors

Shot Scope V3 watch – 30 cm – accuracy

Using the latest satellite technology, Shot Scope has produced the most accurate golf GPS on the market, accurate to just 30cm. This marks an enormous improvement on the standard unit average of 3 to 5 meters.

It seems like Shot Scope succeeded to give a proper answer to those who have got doubts regarding the accuracy of activity tracker wearables.

V3 is the most complete GPS watch in the game, providing dynamic distances to the front, middle and back of greens as well as front and carry distances for every hazard on over 35,000 pre-loaded golf courses.

More than 100 different analytics can be reviewed via the Shot Scope V3 mobile app or Shot Scope’s online dashboard on different clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game, and putting.

Also, new this summer is Shot Scope’s G3. The GPS-only device boasts all the great design features of the V3 with the exception of shot tracking technology and is available now at retail for the launch price of £149.99.

Merging Shot Scope V3 watch with AI

What I really missed from the new Shot Scope V3 watch is the utilization of artificial technology (AI). I believe it could be utilized for instance for

  • strategic and tactical game planning;
  • nutrition, physical, and biomechanics, recovery management;
  • smart assistant;
  • identifying the possibility of future injuries and health concerns.

The usage of AI in the golf industry is not totally new. Let me give you quickly 4 examples:

Shot Scope V3 watch – availability

The Shot Scope V3 watch is now available at retail for the launch price of £179.99:

  • RRP V3 – £209.99
  • RRP G3 – £169.99