Will Mack Daddy CB wedges bring relief in our short game?

By: September 17, 2020

How much golf equipment manufacturers like Callaway Golf can enhance the forgiveness of their golf clubs? Why don’t they come up with added-value services (see product-service systems)?

Until they find out the whys, let’s see the new Mack Daddy CB wedges!

Mack Daddy CB wedges Studio-005-2020

Mack Daddy CB wedges – details

The new Mack Daddy CB wedges provide enhanced forgiveness, control, and tons of spin for more consistency around the green.

The Mack Daddy CB wedges help you to blend game-improvement irons and wedges into your set. With a deep cavity back, slightly larger head, and thicker topline, you’ll have the confidence of an iron with the control of a wedge.

The Mack Daddy CB features two sole grinds, both engineered to promote consistency. In the lower lofts, a full sole provides iron-like turf interaction with moderate bounce.

In the mid and higher lofts, a modified W Grind enhances bounce to add forgiveness out of bunkers and thick rough. The modified W Grind is designed with a low leading edge if you need to open the face.

Mack Daddy CB wedges groove zoom

The JAWS groove provides precise edge sharpness on every groove for maximum grip and spin from all types of lies. On the sand wedge and lob wedge, the JAWS groove extends across the face to provide spin no matter where you hit it.

Mack Daddy CB wedges – Premium Shafts & Grips

The KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 105 shaft provides all the benefits of one of the most popular wedges shafts in the game, in a new lighter weight.

For those players who use graphite shafts in their irons, Callaway is providing an all-new graphite offering: the KBS Hi-Rev G, in both 60g and 80g.

Callaway is also providing for its new Mack Daddy CB wedges Golf Pride SG-1 grips.

This grip is longer than normal at 11.5” to allow you to choke down on the club for enhanced distance control.

The new Mack Daddy CB wedges will be available from September 24, 2020: $129.99 each.

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