What can we get in the MyMG2 personalized wedge program?

By: May 5, 2020

Offering personalization of golf equipment is with us for a long-long time. With direct digital access to consumers and powerful analytics capabilities, companies like TaylorMade Golf will be able to come up with sophisticated personalized offers.

I will give 2 tips at the end of this post how you can impress your golf customers. TaylorMade Golf has just launched its new MyMG2 personalized wedge program.

The company continues to grow its personalized offerings, with the latest installment in the TaylorMade “My” family joining MySpider X, MyHi-Toe and MySpider.

Taylormade Golf MYMG2 personalized wedges all in one

TaylorMade is now giving all golfers the ability to make each wedge uniquely their own and deliver a service that has historically been reserved for the game’s top players.

TaylorMade MyMG2 personalized wedges – details

You can select from four different finishes:

  1. Cobalt Nickel: Exclusive to MyMG2, the Nickel finish provides a premium look and reduces glare at address.
  2. Chrome: The classic look of a chrome finish preferred by many golfers.
  3. Black: A darker, aggressive styling with a non-glare look at address.
  4. RAW Finish: This is an un-plated wedge that will rust – giving it the worn, rustic look preferred by many Tour athletes (extent and speed of rusting may vary).
Other customization options
  • Custom stamping options include personalized text and initials, as well as dozens of images. Golfers choose from 13 different paint fills and complete the package by selecting the grip and shaft of their choice.
  • Beyond personalized aesthetics, golfers can build the wedge to their precise specs by customizing loft, lie, length, and grip size.
TaylorMade Golf MyMG2 personalized wedges program in 2020-JPO-38-141696-original-1588178798

Similar to the original Milled Grind wedges and also found in the P·7TW™ irons, MyMG2 wedges feature the company’s proven CNC milling technology, which allows for the production of wedges to exacting specifications.

Each leading edge and sole grind is individually CNC milled for unparalleled accuracy and consistency from club to club and grind to grind.

MyMG2 wedges are engineered to generate the most aggressive spin of any wedge in the TaylorMade family. The combination of precision-milling and Raw Face Technology is designed for increased spin, precision, and feel.

TaylorMade MyMG2 personalized wedges are available at a price of $225.

TaylorMade Golf MyMG2 personalized wedges program 2020-JPO-33-f440f1-original-1588178801

Personalization in golf retailing

Golf manufacturers in 2020 and onward should offer more for golfers to exceed their expectations and meet their needs.

Therefore I have collected some ideas that can help companies like TaylorMade Golf:

  • Be prepared for golfers’ micro-moments! Help golfers in those moments that really matter to THEM! This will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.
  • Source the perfect PGA professionals for your golf equipment brand.
  • Start selling Product-Service Systems: A Product-Service System is an integrated product and service delivering value in use. Think about your golf equipment as a platform to deliver services. This is what I recommended to Titleist when I wrote about their new CNCPT by Titleist irons in April 2019.