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Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball 2020 Hero-Concept-03

What makes the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball go further?

By: 2020. 02. 13.

Two years ago I highlighted that Callaway Golf used graphene its Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball. It seems like the graphene insert in the Dual SoftFast™ Core has worked well for Callaway Golf. In the latest Callaway Chrome…

Callaway Golf VR industry AAA Games Studio

Why is it worth for Callaway Golf to enter the VR industry?

By: 2020. 01. 23.

In recent years esports and gaming became mainstream. We are not surprised to read about esport or gaming tournaments and events in mainstream media. The European Tour (in cooperation with DreamHack, a global entertainment company and game developers…

Callaway FITS Shaft Analyzer

How Callaway FITS Shaft Analyzer affects your performance?

By: 2019. 01. 21.

Just like in any other area of our life our customers are expecting personalized products and services. Golf shafts are not exceptions. We can all agree that for irons and drivers the shaft type and its characteristics can…

Callaway Golf Big Bertha irons

How Callaway boosted the performance of the new Big Bertha irons?

By: 2018. 11. 29.

Two years ago Callaway Golf has launched the Big Bertha OS irons. These irons feature a new clubhead construction, called the Exo-Cage, that promotes more distance in an entirely new way + the 360 Face Cup Technology. In May…

Callaway Rogue Pro Black Irons 2018-048

Let’s judge: Callaway Rogue Pro Black Irons

By: 2018. 05. 31.

Like in most cases, I tried to find new technology solutions, new materials in the Callaway Rogue Pro Black Irons. At this moment, I have got the feeling that the new Callaway Rogue Pro Black Irons are built with…

Mack Daddy 4 Callaway Customs Wedges Chrome

What will be like your Mack Daddy 4 Callaway Customs Wedges?

By: 2018. 02. 19.

Callaway Golf is now giving us the opportunity to create Tour-level customization and personalization on their Mac Daddy 4 Callaway Custom Wedges. There is nothing new in this offer since in the past, they have already offered something…

Callaway Rogue Driver tech concept

Does it worth to change to the new Callaway Rogue driver?

By: 2018. 01. 18.

A year ago Callaway Golf launched the Great Big Bertha Epic Driver. Now, they are launching the new Callaway Rogue Driver. I have to summarize in one sentence, what is the novelty in the new Callaway Rogue Driver…

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedges -590

In the spotlight: Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 4 Wedges

By: 2018. 01. 10.

As a real 'bunker fighter' I was really interested in what can bring us the new Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedges. As we got used to it, just like many other golf equipment manufacturers, Callaway Golf is bringing…

Callaway Golf Apex Muscleback Irons close look

For best golfers: Callaway Golf Apex Muscleback Irons

By: 2017. 10. 25.

The previous version of Callaway Golf Apex irons was about to provide confidence to golfers to play any shot type. Whereas, the new Callaway Golf Apex Muscleback Irons (Price: $1,299.99; Available from 11/3) are intended for very low…

Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha Epic Star driver

The ultra-light & premium Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Star family

By: 2017. 09. 18.

Early this year, Callaway Golf has launched the Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha Epic golf club family. Now, they are launching its 2.0 version. Now, Callaway’s new GBB Epic Star line builds on that performance-profile by incorporating an ultra-premium,…

Callaway Epic irons 2017

Can you wait 22 days for the new Callaway Epic irons?

By: 2017. 05. 26.

Callaway Golf will launch its new Epic Irons, Epic Pro Irons, Epic Hybrids on June 16th. The new Callaway Golf clubs come with 3 new features: Next-Generation 360 Face Cup Technology for Longer Average Distance Exo-Cage for Energy…

What is the secret of the lowest CG Callaway driver?

By: 2016. 03. 15.

It seems like that the Center of Gravity in Callaway Golf's drivers is going lower and lower. The soon to be released XR 16 Sub Zero driver is going to have the lowest Center of Gravity that Callaway Golf has ever…

What can improve Callaway’s new XR OS irons & hybrids?

By: 2016. 01. 15.

It is not the first time when I read from a golf equipment manufacturer that they have designed a new hybrid golf club that can replace irons (e.g. Titleist 816H hybrids). Can we say that replacing irons with hybrid golf…

Why is Boeing technology tempting for Callaway Golf?

By: 2016. 01. 05.

I think we can all agree that aerodynamics is not new to the golf industry. However, only few golf equipment companies are utilizing aerospace technology solutions, although it is not so far from the usage of aerodynamics. In…

What would be unexpected from Callaway Golf?

By: 2015. 11. 05.

Probably you remember that I heralded an unusual golf event from Callaway Golf. The San Diego Padres and Callaway Golf have announced 2 weeks ago The Links at Petco Park, a 9-hole golf experience that will take over Petco Park November 5-8,…

New Callaway Golf Apex irons: distance with playability

By: 2015. 09. 30.

Probably you have already heard about the new Callaway Golf Apex irons. So, I will only try to summarize the new features of the new Apex Irons and Hybrids. Last year Callaway Golf promised that the Apex 2015…

Callaway Golf update: Great Big Bertha returns

By: 2015. 08. 05.

Do you remember the old Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha Driver? I think you will find quite a lot of changes in the new Great Big Bertha Driver! Check out the details below.   Callaway Golf has just…

Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges

By: 2015. 07. 07.

Callaway has just launched its new Callaway Golf MD3 milled wedges. Their promise is that the MD3 Milled Wedges have the versatility and selection for every shot, every course condition, and every swing. What a brave statement!  Available Lofts:…

What is the source of extra speed in Callaway Golf XR product family?

By: 2015. 01. 16.

Just before the start of the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Callaway Golf has just announced its new line of golf clubs the XR product family (XR Driver, XR Irons, XR Hybrids, XR Fairway woods). The new golf…

Callaway Golf’s Chrome Soft golf ball with 65 compression only

By: 2014. 12. 16.

Callaway Golf has just announced today their new Chrome Soft golf ball. Chrome Soft is the only ball that has the new proprietary SoftFast Core with low compression (65) and the Tour Urethane cover (to control better the golf ball).…