How much does the AXIAFLOW dimple improve the Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf balls?

By: November 8, 2022

Mizuno has invested 3 years and picked the final & latest version of its new RB TOUR golf ball out of 99 prototypes. I was surprised to find only 272 dimples on the new Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf balls.

I was told that the 272 dimple pattern provides a larger and more precise outline on the golf ball, a visual effect that our testers preferred.

One of the standout features of the new Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf ball range is the unique AXIAFLOW dimple. On full shots, the new dimple generates a higher driver flight and flatter wedge flight, compared to other tour-level balls.

Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf ball Core & AX Dimple

Mizuno said ensuring improved durability of the RB TOUR golf ball cover was a central theme behind the R&D of the new RB Tour design.

Providing a golf ball that excels for both tour-level golfers and the average amateur has been a focus for Mizuno throughout its development process.

The RB Tour X is engineered for low driver spin, while the RB Tour provides an even lower spin rate, designed for a new generation of players with faster clubhead speeds.

Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf ball feature comparison

Chris Voshall – Director of Product, Mizuno USA says

“We purposefully slanted the performance of both Mizuno 2022 RB Tour golf ball models towards our younger elite players. Both models launch high off the driver – one with low spin, the other lower.

Yet both balls demonstrated a flatter flight from full wedge shots. A remarkable accomplishment from the aerodynamics team in Japan.”

Both Mizuno 2022 RB Tour golf ball models will be available in the U.S. from November 2022 and available in the U.K. and the rest of Europe from 2023.

Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf ball InnerPacks

Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf balls – pricing

  • Mizuno 2022 RB Tour golf ball – £50 / €55 / SEK 599
  • Mizuno 2022 RB Tour X golf ball – £50 / €55 / SEK 599

My comments

Did it really take 99 prototypes to find the best version? Or it would have been worth utilizing the benefits of artificial intelligence. Callaway Golf used this technology solution to develop its Mavrik driver in 2020.

The Callaway Epic MAX driver includes an AI-designed Flash Face.

I believe this technology could help golf equipment manufacturers like Mizuno to increase their efficiency and reduce time-to-market, and production costs as well.

Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf ball_Loose Balls