Professional golf club custom fitting can no longer be seen as a “nice to have!”

By: August 25, 2023

If we approach the golf club custom fitting further, we see that consumers generally expect brands to understand their needs and expectations. This is why I wrote in the title that professional golf club custom fitting is no longer a ‘nice to have’ service.

It is important to raise awareness among golfers about this because they can do a lot this way to achieve a superb golf experience.

I believed it was crucial to interview Kris McCormack, the Vice President of Tour and Education at True Spec Golf, to gain insight into how golfers perceive and anticipate professional club fitting.

True Spec Golf bend_fitting

To what extent do golfers take club fitting seriously?

Our clients take golf seriously. Therefore, they take club fitting very seriously. Many of our clients are repeat customers and trust us with all of their equipment needs. Likewise, they send their playing partners, friends, and family members to see us for their custom club needs.  

I think many casual golfers don’t realize that golfers of all skill levels benefit from a quality club fitting. It’s not the case that you already have to be a particularly experienced golfer in order to receive the benefits of being fit.

Whether you’re a beginner or a single-digit handicapper, the confidence you gain from having custom-made clubs is vitally important to your success on the course.

After every fitting, we follow up with our customers, asking about their overall experience with us and if there are any areas we can improve.

We also follow up shortly after they receive their clubs, asking if they’ve already seen improvement in their game, and if so, in what areas specifically… distance, dispersion, consistency, etc. 

True Spec Golf north_ga_fitting

What does True Spec Golf offer more than a traditional golf club fitting procedure?

True Spec Golf is a brand-agnostic fitting company that will focus on the player’s equipment needs without bias to any manufacturer.

Our Fitting Professionals use a more dynamic approach to fitting. We put an emphasis on data-driven results and measured metrics that will help our customers play more consistent golf and shoot lower scores.

Sometimes, when customers seek fitting advice from someone who is not truly qualified, they purchase whatever clubs are popular or on sale that week. 

That approach can leave you with a bag full of ill-fitted clubs. It’s very important to know that you’re playing the best clubs for you and your swing regardless of what company makes them.

What is the business model of True Spec Golf?

Our business model is to fit the player, not the product. True Spec Golf offers over 50,000 different combinations of heads, shafts, and grips at each of our Studio locations and Mobile units.

This allows us to help anyone ready to take their game to the next level. We see many people who come in with a specific idea of the clubs they want.

They’ve done research tried their friends’ clubs, and they’re convinced they know what they need. While taking a player’s thoughts into account is important, we find that those customers usually tend to buy clubs they never would have expected.

You benefit most when you leave the brand bias behind and open yourself up to the data and expertise of a master fitter.

True Spec Golf phoenix-fitting

How can True Spec Golf‘s contribution to the CX quality available in a golf club be measured?

We encourage all of our customers to let us know how they’re doing with their new clubs. We receive constant posts from customers sharing their experiences and telling us about their progress. 

From start to finish, we take pride in providing the most premium customer experience in the industry at every one of our locations. 

Every club we sell is custom-built at our Scottsdale headquarters to the exact specifications derived from the fitting process. We offer a 100% money-back performance guarantee for every custom club purchase they make with us. 

It may sound like something everyone says, but we understand that golf is expensive, and it’s important to have peace of mind no matter where you go to get fit.

How can American & European golf clubs utilize your Mobile Unit?

We currently have 5 True Spec Golf Mobile units that contract with a variety of clubs and resorts around the US market. For any information on booking our Mobile unit, we ask that you email to be connected with our Mobile Director or VP of Sales.