How could Arcis Golf prove its helpfulness?

By: April 16, 2020

We are all waiting for the end of the coronavirus crisis. However, it is giving brands like Arcis Golf the opportunity to prove its helpfulness.

I found a recent Ipsos research that says

  • 74% of customers want to hear from helpful brands and companies that have a social responsibility;
  • to offer aid during the coronavirus (72%);
  • can help me navigate the crisis (71%).
Arcis Golf and ClubsHelp cooperation

It seems like not just Troon, but also Arcis Golf is proving their helpfulness.

I am very happy to hear how Arcis Golf is using its golf courses to aid the local communities. Such an initiative could be an integral part of any golf club’s sustainability program.

We must show that we are an integral part and active participant in the local community’s life.

Let’s not forget that we want to trust each other and be part of a community.

I cannot avoid highlighting the importance of employee experience in this situation. According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report (The Trust & the Coronavirus):

  • ‘Our company CEO’ is the most trusted person (62%) after doctors/health experts online + healthcare CEOs;
  • Employers believed most readily: internal employer communication!!! They trust it more than government websites.

Arcis Golf is supporting ClubsHELP

Arcis Golf has pledged the support of its 61 clubs in 13 states, taking a significant leadership role in a new nationwide initiative, ClubsHELP.   

Formed less than a week ago during the national health crisis, ClubsHELP connects golf clubs with hospitals in their local areas

Such a positive initiative that is in line with the brand value of the golf club/golf club management company (=Arcis Golf) is actually a long-term investment in the brand.

Arcis Golf was among the first golf management companies to step up and access its extensive club network and key vendors to provide critically needed support to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How does this new initiative work? 
  • A member or the management of each Arcis club will take on the role of captain.
  • The club then ‘adopts’ or is matched with a local hospital.
  • Working cooperatively, the most pressing needs at the hospital are identified, then clubs, companies, and individual donors pitch in to gather, collect, and deliver the most necessary items and resources to be used by hospital workers. 

At this time, the greatest needs are basic food items that can be consumed quickly, PPE supplies, UV lighting for sterilization of phones and keys, and delivery services. 

Additionally, utilizing untapped commercial resources, raising money, or mobilizing a local delivery service are examples of ways that clubs are supporting local hospitals. 

On an ongoing basis, every Arcis property engages with its local community by donating rounds and amenities, holding tournaments and events that raise money for charities.

In fact, it was based on Arcis Golf’s past working relationship with, and corporate-wide support of, the Els for Autism Foundation that Walker and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Crocker first became aware of the opportunity to utilize their clubs to support this new national program. 

Golf’s premier organizations, including the National Club Association, and Golf Writers Association of America, have pledged to get behind the ClubsHELP program and make a significant difference in local communities throughout the United States. 

Additionally, the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) have alerted their membership that golf clubs across the country are activating.

If your golf club wish to help then visit or text ClubsHELP to 71441.