This is how Chart Hills will look like next spring

By: September 29, 2020

I have already shared with you the news about the renovation work at Chart Hills. The club is hoping that all of the work will be completed before the start of the 2021 golf season or sooner if growing conditions are favorable.

Now I will show you what is the status of the renovation project.

Chart Hills 2nd-IrrigationLaying-June

Probably you have already noticed that the Chart Hills was closed from mid-July to allow the renovation team to work on the championship (design by Sir Nick Faldo) layout.

The first steps in the process included extensive irrigation work and sand-capping of the fairways, with over 30,000 tonnes of sand deposited across the course.

The seeding team then covered the sanded areas with creeping ryegrass, designed to deliver a better overall grass coverage, with the final seed due to go into the ground this autumn.

Chart Hills 8th-Sanded&Shaped-Sept

In the coming weeks, work will continue across the site, with additional projects planned to target other areas in the clubhouse, the halfway hut, and the car park.

I would welcome at Chart Hills Golf Club

An extensive renovation project is a good opportunity to utilize the latest technology, consumer, and sustainability trends.

Therefore, I collected some ideas/solutions that I would welcome at Chart Hills:

  1. To harness geothermal heating and cooling, It can be retrofitted into the golf course and the clubhouse. The usage of geothermal energy can save you lots of money. It fits well with any sustainability effort/project.
  2. Green roofs: the National Research Council of Canada estimates a green roof can reduce air-conditioning use by up to 75%. A study of the University of Michigan found “Net present value (NPV) analysis comparing a conventional roof system to an extensive green roof system demonstrates that at the end of the green roof lifetime the NPV for the green roof is between 20.3 and 25.2% less than the NPV for the conventional roof over 40 years.”
  3. Sensor technologygolf course: I hope I don’t have to explain to you Toro’s Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System or POGO Pro+ or Rain Bird Integrated Sensor System. Soil Scout was a great discovery for me last year.
  4. Touchless solutions: it seems like COVID-19 will stay with us for a long time. This is why touchless solutions (e.g. contact-free doors, contact-free payment solutions, automatic access to Wi-Fi, interactive & multi-touch restaurant tables, etc.)
  5. Branded mobile application: this can help you to serve better your golf club guests and members, improve loyalty. At the same time, it can help you to learn more about your customers by analyzing their mobile app usage behavior.
  6. Invest in IoT (Internet of Things) to enhance customer experience (e.g. occupancy sensors). Give your workers a way to request assistance!
  7. Put your employees 1st – and invest in employee experience!

Give guests & golf club members greater control over their stay in your golf club!

Chart Hills 13th-Fairway-Growth-Sept

If you need more ideas on how to prepare your golf club for the smart customers, then please send me an email: or check out my list of services.