How did John Deere win the Italian Association of Golf Technicians Awards?

By: December 13, 2021

According to my sources what really impressed the Italian golf technicians and greenkeepers is John Deere‘s TechControl system, which allows supervisors and technicians to electronically preset and control several features through a simple and intuitive interface.

These features include the Frequency of Clip aspect, whereby the frequency can be programmed by changing the parameters relating to the mow speed, the reel speed, and the number of blades on the reel.

Once set, these parameters are automatically adjusted according to the speed rate, ensuring maximum consistency of performance. Steer speed, turn speed, cutting unit lift, and drop rates can also be set in the same way, ensuring consistent results regardless of the operator.

John Deere Italian Association of Golf Technicians Awards 2021 winners

Other advanced features of the machine include Eco mode, which allows the user to electronically manage the engine speed to save fuel. In this mode, the engine speed is automatically adjusted as load demand increases, which saves up to 30% of the fuel and reduces noise levels.

Another prominent feature of the machine is the LoadMatch function; an exclusive electronic system that automatically manages the transmission parts – including both the mower unit and the cutting parts – under load.

In addition, the automatic electronic management of the engine across diesel and petrol versions allows for significant fuel savings, a considerable reduction of environmental impact and noise pollution, and for John Deere’s 2750 Precision-Cut and E-Cut Hybrid riding triplex mowers to meet the latest European Regulation 2016/1628 Stage V.

John Deere mower Italian Association of Golf Technicians Awards 2021

The demand for personalization

Just like in other areas of golf club business, personalization and ease of usage matter a lot. Personalization is the ultimate measure of a quality customer experience. By enabling greenkeepers to adjust the mowers to their everyday work is a game-changer.

The effectiveness of one-to-many product strategies is questionable. Of course, I am expecting neither John Deere nor its competitors to manufacture to develop mowers for every single golf course.

However, we could see from this product development case that bold product features like LoadMatch, Eco mode, TechControl system, etc. can and will impress greenkeepers and groundsmen.

The Italian Association of Golf Technicians Awards was John Deere’s 2nd victory after being praised by the judges at the inaugural Italian Golf Awards, Gran Galà del Golf 2021.

John Deere Eco Mode