How can the golf industry harness the power of AI technology to succeed?

By: February 23, 2024

AI technology‘s potential advantages and benefits for the golf industry are being considered as we head into 2024. It is worth noting that AI technology has already been utilized in certain segments, such as sports equipment and lawn management.

For example, the latest Wilson Golf Dynapower golf clubs were created using artificial intelligence modeling and analysis. Likewise, the Callaway Golf Mavrik driver was developed with the help of AI technology.

I am convinced that the big golf equipment brands also use AI technology for similar purposes.

AI technology usage perspectives in the golf industry

Furthermore, AI can help turfgrass managers make better, data-driven decisions. The abundance and diversity of data present an opportunity to leverage AI technology.

Whether it’s for a highly managed putting green, erosion control, or an area for play, AI can enhance turf quality and simplify management. Where there is data, AI can be applied to improve turf quality and streamline management processes.

In recent times, I have frequently highlighted the significance of personalization of our marketing activities and automation of email campaigns in my articles and conference presentations.

AI can scale creativity and strategy, expanding human ingenuity to wider audiences. They can use AI-powered data science to narrow in on specific sets of customers based on criteria, such as their predicted lifetime value, and personalize content for these customers with dynamic product recommendations.

To give you a real-life example, in order to enhance their requests for proposals (RFPs) for real estate offers, I recommended to my client – Zala Springs Golf Resort – the implementation of a reliable AI technology-based content recommendation application.

This solution aimed to increase the visibility of the resort’s real estate offers by providing personalized content recommendations to potential clients. The result is a 90% growth in the number of RFPs!!

You can use AI technology in at least 5 areas of golf club marketing:

  • Content generation,
  • Audience segmentation,
  • Customer service chatbots,
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • E-commerce.
AI technology Players 1st LinkedIn webinar

Players 1st webinar on AI technology usage in the golf industry

Now, AI experts have looked into how the revolutionary technology will impact the golf industry in the future, revealing the findings during a Players 1st webinar on February 27th.

Over 200 golf industry professionals have already signed up for the webinar, which will reveal the newest data on how to leverage AI tools to optimize course management, enhance player experiences, and drive overall growth and success.

During the one-hour webinar, two AI experts will present the predictions alongside Daniel Laursen (CMO, Players 1st). 

AI technology usage in the golf industry

The first speaker is Casper Larsen from the highly renowned Danish digital consultancy Novicell. Being an AI business consultant, Larsen is deeply engaged in how Artificial Intelligence can create value-adding solutions that enhance business processes and drive operational excellence and innovation within organizations.

The other speaker is Sebastian Eldrup-Jørgensen, VP of Product & Business Development at TrackMan, one of the leading golf-tech companies in the world. Eldrup-Jørgensen is responsible for strategic partnerships and all products in the tech company’s golf portfolio.

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