A full-service golf academy is ready to impress us at the Vattanac Golf Resort

By: March 29, 2022

My interviewee Nikolaj Kromann Jørgensen (COO, TrackMan) said

“We see most range facilities and public golf courses, and many private clubs, evaluating how they can create more value for their customers and members at the driving range.”

A good example of this is the recently opened golf academy at Vattanac Golf Resort.

Vattanac Golf Resort Driving Range Panorama_resized

The new golf academy is set to be one of the best learning and practice facilities in Asia. It offers:

  • A floodlit driving range, with all bays powered by Eagle Try technology.
  • 2 world-class classrooms, each equipped with leading technology.
  • An expansive short game area.
  • 4 VIP rooms with the latest Trackman Range software.
  • 3 golf simulator rooms.
  • A boutique golf specialist gym.
  • The largest golf shop in Cambodia.
  • A PGA-specialised custom club fitting service.

In August 2021, the Vattanac golf academy had its soft opening with a floodlit automated driving range, a restaurant, and the largest golf shop in Cambodia.

Vattanac Golf Resort golf academy

DJ Flanders, Senior Vice President at Troon International said

“This 40,000 sq ft facility will enhance our overall asset and the experience we can offer to our guests. The ownerships priority at Vattanac Golf Resort is to keep growing the quality and output of our business, and to further engage all components that Troon has to offer.”

Students also enjoy SAM Balance Lab to measure the ground force generated during the golf swing, and V1 Sports for video analysis, all delivered by the country’s only dedicated PGA Teaching Professional David Lamprecht.

My comments

Digitalization and sport/golf are not fundamentally mutually exclusive. Digital solutions and services – like TrackMan Range – can make golf practicing more fun (e.g. gamification, communities) and informative (e.g. tracking).

Digitalization of certain elements of the golf course and driving range operations can bring golf into people’s lifestyles.

I am surprised that the Vattanac Golf Resort is not utilizing mCommerce and mobile solutions (e.g. oneXp to support PGA Pros’ business). Cambodia has one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world, with 20.8 million mobile connections or 124% of the population.

Not offering mobile services in a golf club is a huge mistake in a world where people so many hours on their mobiles every day (4-5 hours/day) & use them for so many purposes. In 2021, we spent $170 Billion via our mobiles.