How would it be worth relaunching the 3’s golf destination?

By: January 12, 2024

Over the past decade, the number of off-course participants grew by 127% as a result of the growing number of off-course forms of the game (e.g., Topgolf, indoor golf simulators, tech-enabled driving ranges, etc.).

It is good to understand that Gen Z and the Millenials are looking for “life experiences.” Let’s brainstorm and come up with the most irresistible experiences we can offer to these two generations so they will choose to spend their free time with us and create unforgettable memories.

It is not surprising that The R&A, in its Global Golf Participation Report 2023, has made an estimate that goes beyond on-course activity.

For the first time in golf history, the estimate includes alternative-only formats, such as par-3 golf, indoor simulator golf, and driving range use.

3's Golf relaunch

Let’s remember that last year, for example, I wrote at least five times (Five Iron Golf, Golfzon Social, NEXT Golf Tour by Trackman) on the subject of indoor golf and golf entertainment (e.g. Puttshack, Puttery, PopStroke, Fairway Social, and Swingers). Maybe not by accident.

The 3’s Greenville – the concept & background

3’s was founded in 2019 by restaurant and hospitality entrepreneur Davis Sezna, with the first location opening in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2020.

Designed to provide a casual and fun experience for all, the 12-hole par-3 golf course, 18-hole putting course, and practice areas light up at night to create a majestic and instagrammable setting.

One loop around the course takes less than 90 minutes, leaving plenty of time to unwind further.

8AM Golf, the holding company whose portfolio includes GOLF Magazine and, Nicklaus Companies, Miura Golf, True Spec Golf, and GolfLogix, has invested heavily in a concept called 3’s that combines accessible Par 3 golf with hospitality and entertainment amenities.

To my surprise, Justin Timberlake has also been involved – since 2020 – in 3’s via 8AM Golf as an investor and partner. In 2022, 8AM Golf invested in 3’s and committed to bringing its innovative concept to other major metro areas across the United States.

3's Golf relaunch party
3’s – latest developments

3’s, the innovative new concept in golf entertainment that combines accessible Par-3 golf with cutting-edge hospitality, has been relaunched with the completely refurbished “Grubhouse.”    

Now, fresh on the heels of Timberlake and 8AM Golf teaming up with Tiger Woods to present T-Squared Social in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Justin Timberlake and 8AM unveil the new look of 3’s renovated hub: “The Grubhouse.”

Featuring a retro-cool vibe, The Grubhouse makes it easy to grab delicious comfort food, drinks, and merchandise in a space designed to feel like home, including firepits, Adirondack chairs, and music.

3's Golf Grubhouse