What advice would 59club give to St. Leon-Rot Golf Club to improve their CX?

By: May 7, 2024

Shortly after opening its regional office, 59club secured its first German client, Golf Club St. Leon-Rot, located in Southwest Germany, near Mannheim and Heidelberg.

Golf Club St. Leon-Rot was famously founded on one man’s vision of creating a unique golfer’s paradise with world-class golf courses, clubhouses, and practice facilities. 

Golf Club St Leon-Rot golf course

The affiliation will see 59club deliver a diligent program of mystery shopper audits that measure all areas of the customer experience & sales performance – spanning

  • the reservation,
  • arrival,
  • locker-rooms,
  • retail inquiry,
  • practice facilities,
  • on-course services,
  • Golf course presentation and amenities provide comprehensive insights, including the food and beverage experience and upselling skills.
  • Monthly performance comparisons are also drawn to the region’s local community, the global industry average, and the best-performing properties worldwide. 

Newly affiliated clubs are reported to have achieved a 112% increase in sales performance and upselling alone, with one property remarking an uplift of 200% after combining mystery shopping with 59club training services. 

Golf clubs, such as the Golf Club St. Leon-Rot, must keep up with the latest trends in customer experience to maintain their reputation and attract more customers.

By embracing relevant and current customer experience trends, golf clubs can enhance their reputation and provide better customer experiences.

In contemporary times, most individuals and golf clubs have come to recognize the significance and advantages of prioritizing customer experience, even among those who do not allocate resources to it within their respective golf clubs.

Businesses must understand that customer experience plays a crucial role in shaping customer loyalty and retention, which can ultimately impact the bottom line.

Even progressive golf clubs like Golf Club St. Leon-Rot must consider the following five key customer experience trends when developing a customer experience strategy.

  • Golf clubs must implement sustainability as part of their identity to better connect with this new age of consumers (e.g., Millennials and Gen Z), who will soon dominate the number of club members and guests.
  • Omnichannel customer experience: In other words, meeting golf club customers where they are. A customer’s interaction with a golf club often encompasses a multitude of touchpoints, which ultimately culminate in their decision to engage with the golf club. Given the importance of these touchpoints in shaping the customer’s perception of the golf club, it becomes imperative for club management to ensure that each touchpoint is optimized to deliver a seamless and delightful experience to the customer.
59club Golf Club St Leon-Rot cooperation 2
  • To ensure customer retention and loyalty, golf clubs must adopt a proactive approach to improving the benefits offered through their loyalty programs. The correlation between customer retention and customer loyalty makes golf clubs need to focus on enhancing their loyalty program features. By doing so, golf clubs can retain and attract new customers.
  • Golf clubs can improve their customer experience strategy by implementing hyper-personalization using customer data. By collecting predictive analytics from customer relationship management (CRM) systems, golf clubs can better personalize their services. To stand out from competitors, golf clubs can utilize technologies like generative AI to enhance their personalization efforts.
  • As personalization advances, it is important to implement measures to protect consumer privacy. For instance, the use of third-party cookies is being phased out. Third-party cookies are commonly used for online advertising campaigns. To provide a modern and secure customer experience, golf clubs must adopt various safeguards to protect customer data, such as encryption and malware or antivirus protections. Losing customers due to a data breach can be costly for businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize data protection and security.

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