What upcoming innovations will Club Car present at the BTME exhibition next week?

By: January 17, 2024

One of my discoveries in 2023 was IOTee, the keyless golf cart fleet management solution that can help golf clubs have a new revenue stream and better cater to golf club members and guests (see customer experience).

In 2023, during the Ryder Cup, over 800 people were able to experience the incredible benefits of IOTee-equipped golf carts.

Of course, this requires golf carts that are sustainable and meet current needs, such as Club Car‘s golf carts.

Club Car at the BTME

Club Car will showcase its innovative collection of golf and utility cars at BTME (stand 626) next week.

Among the vehicles on display at Europe’s premier turf management exhibition, held at Harrogate Convention Centre, will be a Lithium-Ion-powered Club Car Carryall 500.

Club Car Carryall 500

The versatile Club Car Carryall range has long been the favoured utility vehicle of superintendents and groundskeepers around the world with its exceptional reliability and best-in-class ergonomics.

The new Lithium-Ion versions charge up to 40% faster than lead acid batteries, do not degrade over time and are around 180kg lighter, allowing for smoother operation over manicured terrain and less turf damage.

Also on the stand will be Club Car’s acclaimed Tempo golf car – featuring Lithium-Ion battery, Visage GPS technology and premium seats – and an Urban, Club Car’s innovative new road-legal utility vehicle which boasts automotive-grade safety features and low operational costs.

The importance of connectivity in 2024

While the sustainability and power efficiency of the latest golf carts are widely discussed, the importance of connectivity is often overlooked.

Adequate connectivity is essential as it enhances the overall user and customer experience and enables the collection and dissemination of valuable data in real-time.

Club Car Ice Blue Tempo_FV

Future cars will be software-defined vehicle. It means automobile manufacturers design first a computer network and just after that building vehicular firmware around it.

The concept is to think of a car, like today’s electric vehicles (EVs), as essentially a high-performance computer (HPC) on wheels. Tesla was a first-mover in adoption of this approach.

A Jabil research found that 95% of new vehicles sold globally will be connected by 2030, up from around 50% today. Golf cart manufacturers – like Club Car – will need respond quickly to this new need and technology environment.

From the golf industry and golf club operations perspective infotainment (e.g. Greg Norman’s ‘Shark Experience‘; Wi-fi, audio, seat entertainment, Bluetooth speakers, etc.) and telematics (e.g. cloud IoT, Wi-fi, GNSS & data) will be really important.

As you also experience while playing golf, there are many opportunities that are not seized that could make our stay memorable and meaningful.

Let’s brainstorm together and come up with ideas to elevate the functionality and enjoyment of the golf cart! Share your innovative thoughts in the comments below.

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