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Hotel Reserva del Higuerón joins Hilton Worldwide

By: 2015. 03. 15.

Hotel Reserva del Higuerón has just announced that they signed an agreement with Hilton Worldwide to become the first Hilton branded resort on Spain's Costa del Sol. The rebranded name of the resort will be DoubleTree by Hilton Resort &…

New Callaway Golf Apex irons are available

By: 2014. 08. 20.

Callaway Golf Company announced last week their new Apex Muscleback and Apex Utility Irons. Both will be available for custom order online September 12, including on Callawaygolf.com. Apex Muscleback irons It is a new addition to the Apex Family.…

Review: Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Wedges

By: 2014. 06. 08.

I tend to ask myself when I hear about a new golf equipment: Is this a face lifting or something really new? Last year’s major-winning Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedges was received very positively by many golfers. Probably…

Will Tiger Woods sink Nike Golf?

By: 2014. 05. 25.

I have just heard a rumour that Tiger Woods might not be able to continue to play as a professional golfer due to his injuries. This is why I thought to analyze a little bit the brand Tiger…

The Rise of the Local Voice in Golf Tourism – Part 2.

By: Michael Galosso 2014. 03. 12.

This week Michael Galasso (COO at golfscape.com) continues his previous post on how social technology is influencing on golf tourism: Perhaps it’s the remnants of the bruised trust many feel in institutions post-recession where word-of-mouth now rules, or…

EGCOA vs social commerce

By: 2013. 09. 05.

I've got a feeling that social commerce is still in its infancy. The daily deal business has turned out be a tough one for companies like Groupon or LivingSocial. Both of them are struggeling in their own way. LivingSocial…

How to maximize golf tee times?

By: 2013. 07. 21.

For offline media planners dynamic bidding for GRP (Gross Rating Point: is a term used in advertising to measure the size of an audience reached by a specific media or schedule) is not a new thing. In the last 4 years in the…

How would you solve turfgrass pest problems?

By: 2013. 05. 07.

As I wrote in my previous post, average American mobile user is spending cca. 2 hours 38 minutes on his mobile and tablet on daily basis. Americans are spending twice as much time today with desktop media as they do with mobile.…

Hole in one in Malaysia

By: 2013. 02. 11.

When we read in the Golf's 2020 Vision (by HSBC) report about the rise and importance of Chinese and Indian golf market, we should not neglect such golf markets like the Malaysian one. The Malaysian golf market's value in…

Troon Golf goes mobile

By: 2013. 01. 30.

One of the greatest events in 2012 was when smartphones and tablets took over PCs. The battle between mobile operation systems (Android vs iOS) or Samsung vs Apple is little bit less important. IHS iSuppli Research says that…

Where is a true golf social networking site?

By: 2012. 10. 07.

As we all know there is a social network for every audience. Golf is not an exeption. For this reason I made a little research to find out if there is any golf social networking site and what…

Golf rocks tennis’ TV audience in US

By: 2011. 06. 13.

I was surprised to read in the latest edition of The Economist (June 11th 2011) that in US people prefer to watch golf over tennis. I started to check worldwide ranking of US tennis players where I had…

Golf participation in Europe 2010

By: 2010. 11. 25.

Those who are familiar with the golf industry they know that KPMG prepares from year to year a survey about golf course development and golf participation trends. 2010 is not an exception. ;) Since the last decade of…

Ireland’s stumbling golf tourism marketing – part 1

By: 2010. 07. 31.

According to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) the expected rebound of international tourism (arrivals, receipts, expenditure) is measurable. This recovery started according to UNWTO in Q4 of 2009. However this positive change will be seen mainly in…

Is Russia viable for a golf business opportunity? – part 3

By: 2010. 04. 25.

As I promised in my previous post, now Lyne Tumlinson, the former director of Career Services at

Is Russia viable for a golf business opportunity? – part 2

By: 2010. 04. 15.

As I promised earlier, Lyne Tumlinson, the former director of Career Services at

LCD loaded golf bags for the sake of brand awareness

By: 2009. 09. 23.

As regular ad spaces are losing relevancy and efficiency, advertisers are looking for something unusual and sometimes ambient media solutions. This how LCD loaded golf bag. Well nice idea, BUT in media planning what really matters is the…

PGA golfers on Twitter

By: 2009. 09. 06.

It is very likely that PGA golf players are also discovering the social media to boost their popularity and indirectly their sponsors, the golf equipment manufacturers. Today I found an interesting website (https://twitter-athletes.com)that collects Twitter accounts of sportsmen…